Reminisce, 2018, acrylic and ink on paper

Reminisce, 2018, acrylic and ink on paper

Edreys Wajed // Check Out My Melody

On view: May 24 – June 22, 2019
Final Gallery Hours: Saturday June 22, 11am-3pm
Argus Gallery: 1896 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

Check Out My Melody is an artistic improvisatory interpretation of soulful music onto paper and canvas. Typically recognized for his clean, hand drawn graphic lines, in this body of work Edreys Wajed display an evolution of his creative process.

Drawing upon his prodigious career as a hip hop producer and performer, Wajed intentionally pulls from plush, memory-rich, body-moving songs and samples, translating the music into visual soundscapes. This collection boasts raw new styles, from fluidly drawn ink and graphite portraits bursting with intense emotion, to several repetitive, rhythmic and dancing storytelling lines; to larger-sized, brightly choreographed abstract paintings.

Check Out My Melody is a visual collision of where standard handwritten sheet music slams into the disruptive, vandalizing quality and flare of colorful urban street art. “This work is the closing shutter of a snapshot or audio recording capturing the improv of highly energetic musicians on stage, and interpreted into visual art onto a page.”

To further enhance the visual experience, Wajed is collaborating with Twisted Rope, a local digital development and tech company, enabling visitors to use their smartphones and engage with selected artworks that come alive with innovative Augmented Reality technology (AR). Please download the AReveryware app prior to attending the show.

Edreys Wajed is a polymath and walking enterprise of all things creative. The Buffalo native boasts a toolbox chock-full with talents and experiences ranging from being a visual artist, writer, jewelry designer and musical entertainer, to an educator and entrepreneur with notable recognitions and awards respectfully in each. His approach in each endeavor is always identifiably unique and signature in presentation.

A popular phrase coined by Wajed himself is “Creativity is my neighbor, I live by it.” Wajed continually presses himself to get uncomfortable, taking risks to eagerly expand and readily invite artistic and creative challenges.

Currently on display at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center is the Contemporary Portraiture exhibit featuring 14 artists of which Wajed has the honor of being included in. He’s also recently most recognized for being selected by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery as a contributing artist on the Freedom Wall, which features 28 civil rights dignitaries, seven of which he painted with his unique style and use of line. | Artist website: