On View: August 3 – August 18, 2018
Virtual reality by appointment only: rsvp.flatsitter.com ($10)
Special walk-in hours for virtual reality: August 3, 9, 10, 16, and 17, 5 – 9pm (free)
Unveiling / Closing Reception: Thursday, August 16, 2018, 5 - 9pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am – 4pm
Eleven Twenty Projects: 1120 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209

Buffalo, NY – Eleven Twenty Projects is pleased to present Goat Mountain Revival, the latest virtual reality project by FLATSITTER.

Beginning August 3, 2018 visitors are invited to visit the constructed Goat Mountain Chapel and experience FLATSITTER’s newest virtual reality work, complete with haptics, poetry, sermons, sound work, and visuals. Return over the course of the following two weeks to track the growth of the Chapel build before it moves on to the Black Rock Desert.

As described by FLATSITTER, “It is through the death of God that religions emerge, and it is from the ashes of the Burned-over District of Western New York that a new faith is risen. This is the Nth Great Awakening. This new, federally recognized 'avant-garde religion' draws equally from reason, atavistic knowledge, and a binary divinity. Everything is already dead and risen in advance.”

The first services for this new faith will be conducted at Eleven Twenty Projects in Buffalo, NY - - available for both walk-in and online appointments. From there, this religious sect will deliver sermons for worshippers at Burning Man. And, finally, will live as a public art installation in the high desert in Landers, California, next to the Giant Rock Airport.

Goat Mountain Revival will feature the following:
Chapel by Robert Sturm
Music by Nola Ranallo, TJ Borden, Megan Kyle, Jim Abramson, and Suzanne Bonifacio.
Virtual Reality by FLATSITTER
Poetry by Noah Falck
Voiceover by Noah Falck and Holly Kirkpatrick
Audio Recording by Benjamin Jura
Sect Leaders -- Aimee Buyea and Colin Macubbin

FLATSITTER is an "experience factory" dedicated to exploring the intersection of spirit, consciousness, dreams, and technology. Recent experiences include: (1) The Dream Wanderer, a roaming virtual reality bus that toured and exhibited across North America and now lives in the high desert in California; (2) OAXVR, an exhibition space / production lab for virtual reality in Oaxaca, Mexico; and (3) Goat Mountain Chapel -- the house of worship for a new virtual reality religion.
FLATSITTER's Website: http://flatsitter.com/