Stills from  Autotraumapoeia I-IV

Stills from Autotraumapoeia I-IV

Xiao Yang // Autotraumapoeia

Opening Reception Friday April 5, 6-9pm
Closing Reception and Performance Friday May 3, 6-9pm
On view April 5 – May 4
Gallery Hours: 11am – 4pm Thursday & Friday and by appointment
First Fridays April 5 & May 3, Gallery will be open 6-9pm

Xiao Yang is an interdisciplinary artist whose works utilize nonlinguistic, bodily communication to explore the physical threshold of one’s own body. Autotraumapoeia is an ongoing series showcasing the documentation of her recent performative works and the performative objects that were involved in the performances. These objects serve as the time travelers that create portals for the viewers to enter and gain access to the transient moments of the works.

The works were created to express psychoanalytic concepts through an examination of the artist’s own individual traumatic experiences. Underpinning the practice of the work is the externalization of the uncertainty, tension, and the endurance within the individual. Freudian ideas such as the unavoidable drive for death and the irresistible compulsion to repeat are illustrated as the performances unfold with a sense of dread of reenacting traumatic events. The works also decode the deeply psychological connotations of mundane objects as Yang explores their (mis)usage within her repetitive actions.