New Work  by Zsolt Bodoni & Marton Nemes

New Work by Zsolt Bodoni & Marton Nemes

Zsolt Bodoni & Marton Nemes // BuBu 2.0

Presented by BuBu Artist Resident Exchange Program in conjunction with Buffalo Arts Studio and Eleven Twenty Projects
Exhibition on view: August 22 – August 28, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday August 22, 2019 from 5 – 8pm
Exhibition Hours: by appointment

Buffalo, NY - Eleven Twenty Projects is pleased to announce a pop-up exhibition in conjunction with BuBu Artist Resident Exchange Program and Buffalo Arts Studio. International artists, Zsolt Bondoni and Marton Nemes, have been living and working in Buffalo, NY for the past 6 weeks creating new work culminating with BuBu 2.0, opening on Thursday August 22 from 5 - 8pm.

Bodoni came to Buffalo this year after a month long residency at the Art Colony of Élsed in Transylvania where his recent work has focused on creating watercolor studies that he transposes to large scale acrylic works. In a departure from previous methods, Bondoni is now creating watercolor studies which then become large scale acrylic works. For the BuBu series of works, he has started to use airbrush and has experimented with Yupo, a polypropylene based paper which creates an effect similar to that of analog photography.

Nemes’ pieces created during this residency continue his ongoing series entitled Tomorrow and Ghosting Love. The works in the Tomorrow series are dismountable painting collages which are created from shaped canvases and welded steel structures. The work is reminiscent of a hybrid cyborg body, with artificial replacements, distorted and voided surfaces showing the landscape of a shrinking world. Paintings in the Ghosting Love series refer to the term “ghosting” which refers to the 21st century term, is defined as if someone disappears from a person’s life without any notice. This happens frequently during a cosmopolitan life where our social structure changes dynamically. Nemes satirizes this effect by covering his canvases with colourful sheets and vinyl, cutting them apart and assembling them together again. The artist’s use of bright colours and plastic materials recalls pop art and its’ compositions; squared shapes and stripes to neo geo.

Zsolt Bodoni is an artist based in Nagyvarad, Romania and Budapest, Hungary, where he received his M.F.A. from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Figurative representation has always been a key point in Bodoni’s work. Making works in various medium such as photo studies, sculpture, painted photo collage, and acrylic paintings on canvas and paper. In recent years he has been interested in the idea of androgyny, anthropomorphism, and the Jungian anima-animus theory. Bodoni investigates the idea of transformation and metamorphosis, focusing on the aspects of sex, sexuality, and gender; often presenting the work with a shadowy aspect wherein unconscious states of mind, the anima and animus together formulate the self.

Marton Nemes
is a multimedia artist based in London, creating paintings, sculptures, installations and sounds. He received his M.F.A. from Chelsea College of Arts, London in 2018. Initially inspired by the architecture of Budapest, a city that he has spent the majority of his life residing in, Nemes’ practice is rooted in the colourful abstraction of buildings. Since this early work, and after moving to London, Nemes has been heavily influenced by techno subcultures, continuing to create abstracted colourful works whilst attempting to duplicate the atmosphere and experience of rave culture, creating a disintegration and rearrangement of the pictorial state. Made using a range of materials, Nemes’ artworks are eager to expand and bend, referencing the escapist counter cultures associated with rave scenes, creating multisensory, diverse experiences. Upcoming exhibitions include Expo Chicago 2019 represented by Annka Kultys Gallery.

ABOUT BUBU: BuBu is an artists residency exchange between Budapest, Hungary and Buffalo, NY. The goal of the program is to enable artists to meet and network with other artists and arts professionals internationally. Ideally, the BuBu Artist Resident Exchange Program will build a strong and meaningful relationship between the two contemporary art centers: Buffalo Art Studio and Art Quarter Budapest. www.bubuarts.com

ABOUT BUFFALO ARTS STUDIO: Buffalo Arts Studio provides inclusive community cultural connections through exhibitions, educational programs, mentorships, and public art as well as affordable studio art space, exposure and development opportunities for visual artists. www.buffaloartsstudio.org

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